Our Mission

Power Through Unity

At BRIDGE, our mission is clear: to connect, empower, and celebrate a progressive community of grassroots organizations and changemakers across Texas.

Through education, strategic support, and trust-based funding, we're transforming diverse visions into collective impact for a more just and inclusive state.

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Our Story

Foundation for Change

BRIDGE was born out of a vital need to harness the collective power of grassroots organizations in Texas.

From our inception in June 2021, we've rapidly expanded our reach, becoming a key ally to those at the forefront of social change. Our growth shows the tenacity of local activists and the strength of collaborative movements.

As we continue to support the proliferation of grassroots organizations, BRIDGE is dedicated to creating deep-rooted progress, nurturing the seeds of advocacy into statewide impact. With each initiative, we strive to reinforce the fabric of Texas' communities with resilience, innovation, and unwavering support for democracy and justice.

Our Vision

Shaping Tomorrow’s Texas

We envision a future where Texas' vibrant community movements are the driving force for sustainable social innovation and democratic engagement.

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Our Values

Integrity, Collaboration, Resiliency

Integrity in our commitments, collaboration in our approach, and resiliency at the heart of our work—these are the pillars that guide every BRIDGE initiative.

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Meet our Team

Picture of H. Drew Galloway

H. Drew Galloway (he/him)

Founder & Executive Director

H. Drew Galloway catalyzes change, infusing grassroots growth with strategic direction at BRIDGE. Formerly leading MOVE Texas, his expertise lies in voter engagement and nurturing progressive leadership across Texas.

Picture of Belén Iñiguez

Belén Iñiguez (she/they)

Development Manager

Belén Iñiguez, with roots in Jalisco and a background in the Texas Legislature and campaign fundraising, drives fundraising at BRIDGE, expanding the influence of underrepresented communities with fervent dedication.

Photo of Roseangela Hartford

Roseangela Hartford (she/her)

Programs Manager

A fervent advocate for restorative justice and grassroots organizing, Roseangela Hartford's passions center on leadership, sustainability, healing justice, and the liberation of indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and immigrant communities.

Picture of Robert Villanueva Smiling

Robert Villanueva (he/him)

Programs Manager

A political scientist with South Texas campaign experience, Robert Villanueva champions voter engagement and progressive infrastructure, strengthening BRIDGE's mission for long-term social victories.

Picture of Omar Garcia Smiling

Omar Garcia (he/him)

Operations Manager

Omar Garcia brings a wealth of customer experience acumen to BRIDGE, enhancing operations with innovative strategies drawn from his significant tenure in tech and education sectors.

Advisory Board

Alex Andrade

Bulle Rock Capital

Val Benavidez

Texas Freedom Network

Joe Deshotel

Real Estate Council of Austin

Cliff Walker

Seeker Strategies