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BRIDGE Bootcamp

BRIDGE Bootcamp is designed to catapult founders, executive directors, staff, and board members of startup nonprofits into a realm of accelerated growth and enhanced capacity. Through a comprehensive suite of workshops and technical support sessions, we offer invaluable insights and skills tailored to the unique needs of emerging leaders and their teams.

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Program Offerings


Engage with seasoned professionals on topics vital to nonprofit success, from grant writing to strategic fundraising.


Hands-on sessions focused on real-world application, ensuring participants leave with actionable strategies.


Opportunities to forge connections with peers, creating a network of support and collaboration.

What You’ll Gain

Skill Enhancements

Boost your team's capabilities in key areas including leadership, fundraising, and program planning.

Strategic Insights

Learn from the successes and challenges of established leaders, gaining wisdom that shortcuts the path to impact.

Network Expansion

Connect with a brilliant community of like-minded individuals and organizations, expanding your circle of influence and potential collaborations.

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2024 Program Highlights

Management Masterclass

A deep dive into effective nonprofit management, combined with personalized coaching to implement best practices.

Artificial Intelligence for Grant Writing

Explore cutting-edge tools to streamline grant applications and secure funding efficiently.

Grassroot Fundraising

Master the art of community-supported finance with innovative strategies for sustainable growth.

Board Leadership

Strengthen governance and strategic oversight with our focused session for board members.

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Our Bootcamp isn’t only about imparting knowledge, it's about transforming it into action.

Each session is created to leave participants with a clear plan and the confidence to implement it. By participating, you're joining a community committed to mutual growth and success.

With 10 targeted workshops planned for 2024, BRIDGE Bootcamp is an essential stepping stone for any organization looking to make a meaningful mark in the social justice landscape of Texas.

Ready to transform your passion into action?

Join us to sharpen your skills, align your team, and amplify your impact.